About Us


KiriDescribe Kiri in three words : Organised, Funny, Mad!


PaulDescribe Paul in three words : mud-splattered nutter!

How we met...

We met via a friend in The Square Peg, Birmingham. It wasn't love at first sight, but then Paul eating chilli wasn't the most attractive thing in the world! However, a few weeks later I fell for his charms on a trip to the Lake District and four years later here we are!

The proposal...

Marriage has always been on the cards for us, but I didn't make it easy for him to propose.
Originally, my engagement ring was going to be an family ring, so the idea was that he had to get the ring from my parents for the proposal. Then it was upto Paul to be able to surprise me, not an easy feat!
Needless, to say I wasn't expecting a proposal whilst out with my parents for a meal. However, we got some fantastic photos of the proposal which most couples don't have.